Religious Smokers The Best Entrepreneurs

I am convinced that being religious, in combination with being a smoker is a great combination for business success. Now, before the atheists and puritans out there have a coronary, – I don’t believe its about the religion, or the tobacco.


What I’m talking about is the need to get a break and some fresh perspective. I remember reading a study in the late 90’s that smokers were more productive than non smokers. Why? Because they took the 5 minute break for a cigarette every so often, giving them a chance to clear their head and stop staring at the same problem for too long. Those that didn’t smoke tended to keep working, although they appeared to be more productive they actually only were the first two hours of the day. Although the actual facts can – and have – been debated until the cows come home. I am a firm believer in the concept.

The same goes for religious people. Many entrepreneurs will slowly let work cut into their free time. Soon they are working day and night, 7 days a week.  While the religious person will hopefully take their holy day off and attend a service. The religion isn’t really the issue; it’s the break from work. Socializing with friends and family, and actually having a little time to recharge the batteries in between is what matters here.

Working too much and not letting yourself take a break and actually enjoy life and the people around you will not work for long. Overworking is an all too common problem among entrepreneurs in general.

Although I can’t recommend smoking, I do recommend taking short breaks throughout the day. The religious concept of keeping a day a week where you don’t work is as brilliant as it is old.

Don’t want to take up smoking, or go to a service? Join a Charity!

Working with charities produces much the same result. Think of how many times you’ve heard successful people talking about how important it is to give back to the community. As much as it is socially responsible and a good thing to do, it also gives you a break from the daily grind, and you get to do something that makes you feel great about yourself and your surroundings. And feeling great is the first step to being great.

Entrepreneurship Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Your business needs you, but it needs you at your peak performance. Once you are burned out, you are not much good to it, yourself, or those that love you. Find what recharges your batteries, and make sure you always keep time aside for it. Unless you pace yourself, you probably won’t last long enough to see things really bear fruit.

Clear Your Head and Get More Done

Once you break the constant working habit, you will begin to be more productive. The breaks will get your thoughts organized, your motivation recharged and you will look forward to the work you need to do.  A little time off will actually allow you to do more with less time.

Smart v. Hard

You became an Entrepreneur for many reasons, and one of them was probably to get more time for the things you love. This is not about working Smart v. Hard, no matter how smart you are, an entrepreneur will almost always work hard.

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