Five Things Business Women Need To Know

Alright, so I’m going to lose more than a few PC points here, but i keep seeing the same problems over and over, and applying the same solutions over and over seems to work fine. (I’m using that as proof positive I’m on to something. )

So take it or leave it as you please. Just please keep the comment profanity to a minimum.

  1. No IS a Word in Your Vocabulary

Yes, it is important to try and meet the customers’ expectations, but ladies – Please . Stop bending over backwards to please everyone. You are one person with limited and valuable time. I keep seeing women in design for instance re-doing work over and over and over. Learn when to say no, some clients will never be happy. You are well within your right to ask them to stop and clarify in writing what they want. Once you have delivered that, it’s their problem. There are limits, and they are yours to make.

  1. You Are Competent

Women have an uncanny ability to negate and downplay their own abilities; especially when in a room with male counterparts. Stop putting yourself down, there is nothing wrong with a sense of modest grace, but when someone is trying to step on you.

It’s time to let them know the female advantage of heels when you step back. Your knowledge is just as good, and just as valuable, as the men in the room.

(Here is a little secret for you, we men are just as nervous as you are, we are just taught to hide it behind a pretense of confidence.)

  1. Who Ever Said Being Cheap Was Good For a Woman

Women are experts at reducing their price – especially when they are selling their own competence as s service. Everyone will want what you have for free, but you’d be crazy to offer it.

Stick to your guns and learn how to tell your customers what is free, and what isn’t. You’ll see that they expect nothing less than to pay a fair price for your knowledge once the cards are on the table.

  1. Substandard Is No Good – Superstandard Is Unattainable

You have to learn that delivering TO the customers expectations today, will outweigh beating their expectations tomorrow. Too many women are perfectionists with their own work. This is a good thing, but only if you understand when you have met or exceeded the customers expectations.Not your own!

Quite frankly ladies, you’re trying to meet some standards that NASA are considering Utopian. Make sure you make your customer happy. Your own standards are probably going to make them wait.

  1. You Can’t Do Everything Alone

Alright, so there are single mothers (and fathers for that instance) who are successful entrepreneurs. But women have a tendency to think that this is how it should be. Single or not.

They try to run homes and families, with the same attention that they would as a stay at home mom. Well guess what, there is no point in trying if you have better options available to you.

Kick that husband of yours in the rear, 50-50 is NOT too much to ask ladies . Talk to the rest of the family, you will most likely find them more than willing to help you out. But you have to set some rules here. Don’t succumb to the sad looks and guilt trips kids are sooo good at dishing out.

And for the sake of everything holy. Learn to ASK FOR AND ACCEPT HELP! It will often be offered to you even when you don’t ask. What’s so wrong with accepting the help and support of the friends and family that love you?

When you let people help you with some things, you can do everything else better. You risk running both your business and your family half-assed otherwise, which is not what you want.

Quite frankly, the single largest reason my female clients are considering quitting their business is that they feel they are neglecting their families, and when I check I see a husband on his ass on the couch. (and he fed the kids pop-tarts for dinner again)

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