Customer Relations Is Faith Based

Why Are You Trying The Impossible?

Since I always stress the importance of customer relations, I often come across a problem with the desire to measure the return on investments. Especially larger companies often try to simplify their customer contacts into the single transaction to see if the sale was worth the effort. Some try to track referrals, but since many referrals are unknown to the company. This effort is wasted.

Does this mean that customer relations are wasted too? Of course not!

You just have to have a little faith.

Your Return on Investment is Unlimited

As customer relations become more of a focal point, the single customer can generate unlimited business. Every time a new customer perceives great value, referrals follow. As soon as a single referral has occurred that you are unaware of, your measurements are no longer accurate. The growth in business however is unmistakable.

Faith Based Business?

Yes, this is one of those times where you will have to employ faith in that doing what is right by the customer will pay off in the long run.

Since the chain of referrals is potentially unlimited, every customer you build a strong and positive relationship with has the potential to bring unlimited business. Every lost opportunity is potentially a loss of unlimited business as well.

Exponential Faith

If you every week can convert TWO percent of your new business to loyal customers, and at the same time keep your rate of new business, In one year, your business will be 280% of your starting point.

As soon as even one of them starts referring your business to others, the potential is unlimited.

You simply can’t afford not to have a little faith…

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