3 Things You Need to Know About SEO Marketing Campaigns

3 Things You Need to Know About SEO Marketing Campaigns

Launching and maintaining a site on the internet today has changed dramatically over the last decade. This is because giants in the search engine industry like Google are making it a little more difficult to get to the top of the major search engines for those who are not familiar with high the algorithms in the background actually works. Fortunately, there is a lot of great invaluable information online that helps site owners with their efforts, and they are designed to make it easier for site owner and their representatives to understand how marketing really works. With this being said, here are 3 things that every site owner should know about search engine marketing campaigns as it relates to running a successful SEO marketing campaign.

#1 – SEO Strategies and Techniques

Before a site owner can deploy a successful SEO campaign, one of the first things that they will need to do is their research. Since there are so many different types of calgary seo strategies available, everyone will need to pick and choose which strategies work and which one will cause the results of the campaign to be unsuccessful. For instance, if the person does a good job of researching how to deploy an effective campaign, they may find that one great way to get started is to make sure that everyone understands how to choose the best seo keywords and keyword phrases for the site.


#2 – Hire vs Implement Internally Within the Organization

Because the success of these types of campaigns are normally riding on how much traffic will be driven to these sites, it is not option to select the best one from the start. In some cases, if the owner of the site can afford to pay a professional for their expertise, this is a great way to save money and time. It is also one of the best ways to launch an effective seo campaign that yields excellent results. So, when a site owner is getting started, it is important that they determine if it is best to hire an outsource to create their campaign or to do this job internally.


#3 – All SEO Firms are not the same

If the site owner decides to hire a firm to handle this kind of campaign, it is very important that they hire a company that is great at this work. Since all firms are not the same, the owner will need to hire a firm that knows how to get the site to the top of the major search engines, and then keep them there so that they can profit from their high ranking.…

8 Reasons To Quit Your Job And Start A Business

8 Reasons To Quit Your Job And Start A Business

The thought has been there…

That day when your boss had a bad date the evening before and your supervisor yet again proved that they have no clue what they are doing. That nagging thought that you could do something for yourself. Something that’s what you want. How you want it.

Drop that incredible anxiety about how your 12.40/hr job is so convenient and safe. It’s probably also getting you nowhere all while driving you insane 40 hours a week. There’s better out there, you know it, you feel it. It’s time.

Get Off Your Ass and Do It

Planning is important. In fact, it is imperative. But the best laid plan is worth zip, zilch, nada without action. At some point, you have to sit down and talk to yourself and your family and tell them what you want to do. If your family says go for it. Then don’t wait. Just get off your ass and do it. They are probably going to be supportive when you tell them, because they have no idea how good your plans and thoughts really are. Try them, and watch them be amazed. Reality is that you are your own worst enemy until you do get off your ass.

  1. You’ll be dancing to your own tune

I hate it, most of the people I know hate it (and I suspect those that don’t claim to hate it are being nice about it.) You probably hate it too. The office politics of “that’s how we do it.” Even when you know it could be done better, cheaper and faster, no one is interested in hearing it. Well guess what, that insight and knowledge is yours to make what you can out of. You have the idea right there. It’s been slapping you in the face and you just haven’t been listening. Take it and make it yours, and you can forget about the backstabbing moron in the next cubicle.

  1. You’ll learn your own power

When you are pushing papers for others, there are always others to blame and others that will blame you. You also know that when you have a great idea, its harder to get anyone to listen to it than it is to actually get it done. Now is your chance to take those ideas to market and find out what you can do with them. And once you get through the first decision to actually DO what you have been talking about, will be the kickoff to understanding what you really can accomplish.

  1. You can stop being two people

Most people have a business person and a weekend person. The weekend person is who you really are, the business is the person that adapts to your companies preconceived notions about what you should be. Business-you is probably not as nice, not as much fun and definitely not as interesting. When you are your own boss, you can be who you are with your company, in fact, that will be one of your greatest strengths to distinguish yourself from the cookie-cutters out there.

  1. You’ll learn to stop talking and doing it instead

Once you take the step, you’ll see that it wasn’t so hard. And you’ll get better at getting things done instead of just talking about it in general. This will transition into your normal life as well. Don’t think that spending 5/7 of your life conforming to others and waiting for the boss hasn’t slowed you down on the weekend too. You’ll see that you will get much quicker to just get things done and enjoy the results as opposed to dreaming about doing it.

  1. Retirement? Why?

It is sad for me to hear people talking about how they are going to live their life after retirement. This is a surefire proof that they are spending most of their life doing what they don’t want to.

Starting your own business, will give you the opportunity to do what you love doing. How many authors, painters, musicians, or other passionate people do you think sit around and wait for the day when they can put the brush down and never paint again? You will determine when you retire, early or late. It’s not about waiting for HR to send you a crappy present and a termination notice anymore.

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff

You’ll finally learn what that means. In corporate structures, you are often forced to deal with small stuff all day. Your little part of the machine. (Which is no doubt important,) but it isn’t a real problem. You will finally get to deal with real problems, and learn through that what the small stuff really is. Once you learn what real problems are, you’ll also learn that they are pretty rare. You’ll be happier for it …

Customer Satisfaction Sold Separately

Customer Satisfaction Sold Separately

Whenever I buy something that says “batteries sold separately.” I calmly dream that this will be the store redeeming my basic faith in a company’s ability to seize the most self-evident opportunity for customer service.

(I’m starting to think I am a hopeless idealist.)

1. If you are selling an item. TEST it before you let the customer walk out with it. Take out a pair of batteries. Put them in and make sure everything works.

It really doesn’t matter that the item is made by Widget Industries in Upper Mongolia. YOU sold it, and the customer will be angry with YOU when it doesn’t work.

2 . (This is where companies make fools of themselves) Turn off the object and put it back in the box before closing the sale. But LEAVE THE BATTERIES.

Yes, I said it! Save your key rings, forget about the complimentary Frisbee. Take the unusually smart step of actually making sure that the item will work when they get home without the customer needing to buy batteries.

In fact, if I come home with an object without batteries, but a complimentary branding Frisbee, I’m probably going to be even more fuming than if I didn’t get the Frisbee at all. At that second I am going to wonder what moron came up with that idea instead of just giving me a pair of bloody AA’s! Now I’m both angry that I have to go back out and get batteries, and convinced that your establishment is owned and operated by a cretin. Not the customer experience you should be shooting for.

Giving It Away Increase Sales

The amazing thing is that your sale of batteries has a great chance of increasing too. Why? Because if you don’t have a policy of testing each item, your sales clerks are going to forget to remind the customer they will need batteries x amount of times out of a hundred.

If clerks test everything as a policy, they won’t forget as often and that will improve sales of batteries as well. And here is the kicker, the customer probably has other things that need batteries, so even though you just gave them batteries for the item they purchased, they will often end up buying them for other items.

It All Goes In the Plus Column

If the item you are selling is $2.49 with a profit margin of 30 cents. This is admittedly not a great idea. But if you are holding a profit margin anywhere over $3 per item, you can’t really lose by doing this.

AA batteries are about 7 cents if you buy in bulk. You are paying more for those fancy brochures used to staple the receipt to in case the product doesn’t work. Now you will have to deal with less customer returns as well, which also saves you money and bad will. (See the math here?)

If you have a profit margin that is high, Say $70. You will have to convert 1 sale in every 250 to a returning customer or a referral for it to break even.

I guarantee you will be head and shoulders above the competition that are still standing there like misers, taking them back out of the gadget before asking you if you would like to buy batteries. To me, that is not just a missed opportunity of customer service. It’s downright counterproductive and borderline rude.

I can also promise you that the statement “I’m going to leave these in here, if you would like to buy extra batteries, this item takes Double A’s” will do more for your customer satisfaction than a Frisbee ever will.…

Five Things Business Women Need To Know

Five Things Business Women Need To Know

Alright, so I’m going to lose more than a few PC points here, but i keep seeing the same problems over and over, and applying the same solutions over and over seems to work fine. (I’m using that as proof positive I’m on to something. )

So take it or leave it as you please. Just please keep the comment profanity to a minimum.

  1. No IS a Word in Your Vocabulary

Yes, it is important to try and meet the customers’ expectations, but ladies – Please . Stop bending over backwards to please everyone. You are one person with limited and valuable time. I keep seeing women in design for instance re-doing work over and over and over. Learn when to say no, some clients will never be happy. You are well within your right to ask them to stop and clarify in writing what they want. Once you have delivered that, it’s their problem. There are limits, and they are yours to make.

  1. You Are Competent

Women have an uncanny ability to negate and downplay their own abilities; especially when in a room with male counterparts. Stop putting yourself down, there is nothing wrong with a sense of modest grace, but when someone is trying to step on you.

It’s time to let them know the female advantage of heels when you step back. Your knowledge is just as good, and just as valuable, as the men in the room.

(Here is a little secret for you, we men are just as nervous as you are, we are just taught to hide it behind a pretense of confidence.)

  1. Who Ever Said Being Cheap Was Good For a Woman

Women are experts at reducing their price – especially when they are selling their own competence as s service. Everyone will want what you have for free, but you’d be crazy to offer it.

Stick to your guns and learn how to tell your customers what is free, and what isn’t. You’ll see that they expect nothing less than to pay a fair price for your knowledge once the cards are on the table.

  1. Substandard Is No Good – Superstandard Is Unattainable

You have to learn that delivering TO the customers expectations today, will outweigh beating their expectations tomorrow. Too many women are perfectionists with their own work. This is a good thing, but only if you understand when you have met or exceeded the customers expectations.Not your own!

Quite frankly ladies, you’re trying to meet some standards that NASA are considering Utopian. Make sure you make your customer happy. Your own standards are probably going to make them wait.

  1. You Can’t Do Everything Alone

Alright, so there are single mothers (and fathers for that instance) who are successful entrepreneurs. But women have a tendency to think that this is how it should be. Single or not.

They try to run homes and families, with the same attention that they would as a stay at home mom. Well guess what, there is no point in trying if you have better options available to you.

Kick that husband of yours in the rear, 50-50 is NOT too much to ask ladies . Talk to the rest of the family, you will most likely find them more than willing to help you out. But you have to set some rules here. Don’t succumb to the sad looks and guilt trips kids are sooo good at dishing out.

And for the sake of everything holy. Learn to ASK FOR AND ACCEPT HELP! It will often be offered to you even when you don’t ask. What’s so wrong with accepting the help and support of the friends and family that love you?

When you let people help you with some things, you can do everything else better. You risk running both your business and your family half-assed otherwise, which is not what you want.

Quite frankly, the single largest reason my female clients are considering quitting their business is that they feel they are neglecting their families, and when I check I see a husband on his ass on the couch. (and he fed the kids pop-tarts for dinner again)…